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Re: Will 2.4.20 Source be patched for the latest kernel vulnerability?

At my computers this normal stock kernel is enough... So i am too lazy to
compile kernel. I do it only if hardware or something need it and often i
used only kernel-headers for that job. i only used Linux to different jobs
and only goals are it work, it is safe and it is easy maintain.

One point is maintenance. It's very easy and quickly install new image if
you compare it's that way.. Download new source.. made new symlinks, add
some patches and after that copy old config to /usr/src/linux and start make
oldconfig. That is quite time consuming operation....and you get only
smaller and little bit quicker system compared to stock kernel. Yes if you
like increase your knowledge of  Linux so compiling your own kernel perhaps
teach some think for you.

This is reason why i ask what about stock kernels, because i belive i am not
lonely cowboy at the middle of the no where. Debian is distrubution and
kernel is one quite important part of it. So it was quite strange if stock
kernels left to unpatched. It seems at some images -1-x86 are patched maybe
all, but if over 50 % used default installation kernel. This means at
default stock kernel should prepared first.

-- Riku

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> Quoting Tim Nicholas (tim@nicholas.net.nz):
> > That may be expected, but I would bet good money that it's not actually
> > the case.
> Not the case that people are intended to pick a hardware-suitable image
> to replace the installation kernel, or not the case that people do?
> Please note that I never _said_ the latter.
> > I suspect that over 50% of debian installs use the default
> > installation kernel until there is some good reason to change it (ie,
> > something doesn't work).
> They might, indeed.  If so, they lose.
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