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Re: Uhm, so, what happened...?

On Tuesday 25 November 2003 13:29, Alan James wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 12:09:11 +0100, Kjetil Kjernsmo
> <kjetil@kjernsmo.net>
> wrote:
> >I bet there are a lot of users running around scared, not knowing
> > what to do really... Any advices for us??
> Keep your eye on http://www.wiggy.net/debian/status/
> Expect more details to appear there in a day or two.

Yeah, nice summary, but it really doesn't address the issue: "am I 
vulnerable to the same attack as was used to break in?"

Even if the answer is "we don't know", it would be nice to hear somebody 
say that, and then say something more elaborate of what the unknowns 


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