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Re: Debian servers "hacked"?


Maybe some piece of advice. I run a server with the grsecurity patch on
the kernel maybe that's also an option to run on the debian server(s)

Maybe this is already on the server, when so, i've nothing said.

Regards, Matthijs

On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 13:13, Jan Wagner wrote:
> On Friday 21 November 2003 12:38, Thomas Sjögren wrote:
> > Anyone to shed some light over this?
> >
> > "Someone has cracked all the servers of the Debian Project. There has
> > been a severe security mishap and guys should uninstall all stuff
> > downloaded and installed in the past 2 days. Please do not apt-get
> > anything right now! Please wait till an `official' release happens!"
> > http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.user/117910
> >
> > Server security mishap - you think?!
> http://luonnotar.infodrom.org/~joey/debian-announce.txt
> Regards, Jan.

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