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Uhm, so, what happened...?


It seems that something is up now....? Just got a bunch of posts on 
debian-user, and got myself subscribed here again...
The mailing list archives doesn't seem to be up, and therefore I can't 
check what you guys discussed before it all went offline. 

The announcement contained little information as to how the breakin was 
done, so my first thought was "ouch, then I'm probably vulnerable too, 
since I run the same software", so I ran off to iptable all open 

Then I read on /. that it was a password compromise. Then, I wouldn't be 
vulnerable or always vulnerable depending on how you see it.., But I 
mean, /.! :-) 
I bet there are a lot of users running around scared, not knowing what 
to do really... Any advices for us??


Kjetil Kjernsmo
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