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Re: Debian + Verisign's .com/.net hijack

Adrian von Bidder said the following on 17/09/03 10:11:
Patches for various dns servers to get back to the old behaviour of
the dns system have been published. For example, the ISC has just released an "official" patch for BIND9.

I wonder if there are plans to make security upgrades of the dns servers shipped with Debian. Any comments?

I for one would really, really, really like for this 'fix' to appear soon. Maintaining hand compiled software is awkward - but I guess
I'll do that quite soon.

Adding this *hard coded* value to an official Debian package that could
be around for a couple of years (in stable) would be foolish IMHO. I
haven't reviewed the patch, so may be wrong about the nature of it...
(anyone have a link for the patch?)

Better to get Verisign to revoke this stupidity. After all, another TLD
did the same some time ago and the US government intervened, IIRC, to
get it changed back (.biz?).

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