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Re: Simple e-mail virus scanner

## Noah L. Meyerhans (noahm@debian.org):

> On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 08:44:08AM +0200, Christoph Moench-Tegeder wrote:
> > > > So, I'm wondering, does anybody know about any such approach?
> > > After getting sick of all the virus crap in my inbox I installed the
> > > following in /etc/exim/system_filter.txt:
> > This approach yields a high false positive rate. This can be a major
> > annoyance on mailing lists, when you get unsubscribed because of a
> > "matching" mail body. Your filter (which seems to be based on Nigel
> > Metheringham's system_filter) does not parse MIME headers but just
> > looks for filenames following Content-Type or begin.
> I agree that it is not optimal.  However, as I don't run Windows I don't
> expect to see any legitimate attachments whose file names match the
> regex in that filter.

I don't care for these files, but having to resubscribe to Bugtraq every
few weeks got on my nerves. The trouble is that these regex filters might
see attachments where no attachments are.
If you can live with this, go on, it is the easiest and cheappest way to
reduce the virii and worms in your inbox.


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