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Re: kernel-source 2.4.20 + grsecurity + freeswan

>>>>> "Vinai" == Vinai Kopp <vinai@home-in-the.net> writes:


Vinai> There seem to be problems using both the grsecurity and the
Vinai> freeswan patches (at least I haven't been successfull applying
Vinai> the patches - I tried the debian versions and the "official" ones
Vinai> from the different project sites of the patches and the kernel
Vinai> sources).

I have a Debian/sid machine running a 2.4.20 kernel with both patches
applied (along with a whole bunch of other patches), and had no problems
applying the patches.  The patches and kernel sources I got from the sid
repository maybe about a month ago.  I would imagine that there
shouldn't be much of an issue using the patches and kernel sources from
sid on a stable box.

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