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kernel-source 2.4.20 + grsecurity + freeswan


currently I'm setting up a gateway machine for a small office
network.  After the recent threads about rooted woody boxes I feel it
would be iresponsible to set up a box without a grsecurity patched
The problem is I also need the box to be a VPN gateway.  One of
the reasons I got the deal was because I said IPSEC would be a good
solution, so I don't want to back out and use another VPN option
like openvpn.

There seem to be problems using both the grsecurity and the freeswan
patches (at least I haven't been successfull applying the patches - I 
tried the debian versions and the "official" ones from the different
project sites of the patches and the kernel sources).

Does anybody have debian/stable boxes running kernels with
grsecurity and freeswan? Any hints/experiences to share?

Is there another solution I'm missing that you would suggest?

Google turned up plenty of hits, but I didn't find any solutions.

Thank you and best regards,

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