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Re: Woody security updates


Am Freitag, 2. Mai 2003 10:45 schrieb Jean Christophe ANDRÉ :
> Hi .*,
> > Matthias Faulstich <faulstich@fh-swf.de> wrote:
> > > Does this jigdo - file load the latest security updates or are there
> > > any other places to download / create CD-Images?
> Paul Hink écrivait :
> > AFAIK no. I think you'll have to apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
> > immediately after the installation because CDs can never be as up to
> > date as security.debian.org is.
> If the jigdo system was updated once a month (at least), we would be able
> to do most upgrade using CDs, which will be greatly appreciated in
> developping countries (I'm in Vietnam) since the Internet access is still
> expensive for individuals.

Is it possible, that the security-server creates a jigdo-file for its content 
automatically? Is anybody able to install such a service?

For sid too, this would be a very nice service for those who have a poor 
(without flatrate) internet connection.


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