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Re: mgetty vulnerable?

* Drew Scott Daniels (umdanie8@cc.UManitoba.CA) [030502 01:20]:
> [...]

There is as far as I can see (only) one important security enhancement
in the newer mgettys, and this is running the fax-out-scripts not
as root. There is no proof that the old mgettys are vulnerable, but
it's never a good idea to run anything as root unless absolutly

Wolfgang and I are just working to get this running on debian
testing/unstable (but _this_ update is not trivial, so it's not just
an "apply patch" to get it to the woody version). If anyone has the
important desire to use this right now, he should take the sources
from unstable and recompile (and make the neccassary enhancements).

Everyone else should wait for about an week, then there should be a
working version. As minor and major bug fixes are more or less the
only changes in mgetty, I would recommend the version in unstable as
the security update for everyone who needs it.

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