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Re: grsec patch over debian 2.4.20 kernel

> Hi folks,
>  I got the last 2.4.20 kernel with apt-get install. I want to patch it
> with grsec, but I met many times the follow message:
> "Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n]"
> When I answered "yes" to all questions, the kernel compilation had failed.
> I think grsec patch have conficts with already patched debian kernel
> source, so is there any debian kernel sources with grsec applied? I don't
> want to use plain (vanilla) kernel, because of its ptrace vulnerability.
>  Thanks in advance.
> --- Ted Bukov ---

patch with -N to get rid of thoose questions. If some parts of the
patch fails otherwise, look in the .rej file and resolv the failed
parts by hand.


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