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RE: machine monitoring packages

Nagios is actually Netsaint with just a different name. There are debs
for Netsaint if you feel more comfortable installing it that way. The
only problem is that Netsaint is frozen in its version. Nagios is the
product that will get updated and have all the new features. I
personally think Nagios/Netsaint is great for monitoring all kinds of
environments and is scaleable. You can also write your own custom
plugins which is a bonus. 

Jason Love

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Subject: machine monitoring packages

I would like to know what ppl think is the best package for monitor 
servers, at my last work place they were installing "mon".  In my new 
job they use Nagios, which I'm not to sure about due to the fact that 
installation / configuration goes wrong.  Most importantly there's no 
deb package for Nagios which makes me not wanna use it in the first

Any comments or thoughts welcomed


Gabriel Granger

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