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Re: XFree86 4.2 bug in Debian Testing

On Fri, 8 Nov 2002, Joseph Pingenot wrote:

> >From Norbert Preining on Friday, 08 November, 2002:
> >I think that vim-gtk tries to open a window, recognizes that this
> >doesn't work (authorization) and starts normal text mode vi.
> Probably the easiest way to do this is, instead of using su/sudo, run
>   ssh -X localhost.  It'll tunnel your X apps back over the tunnel.  Not
>   as efficient,  but it'll solve permissions problems.  Or, you
>   can have root snag your user .Xauthority file to steal the user cookies.
>   Then you can just set display:0.0.
Another possibility is:
su -c vim-gtk 

you can also use xhost +username for allowing users to connect to our
Xserver. But this does not work for me on Debian.


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