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Re: idle timeout

On Sun, 18 Aug 2002, xterm wrote:

> I've been looking for some sort of utility (without success) that will
> look at keyboard/mouse activity in X and then run a couple of
> commands.  I don't want to log the current use out (aka: idled
> daemon), or lock the screen with xscreensaver (already done).

I think you might find xautolock quite interesting: <description>
Xautolock monitors the user activity on an X Window display.  If none is
detected within mins minutes, a program is started as specified by the
-locker option.  Xautolock will typically be used to lock the screen
(hence its primary name) but it really doesn't care what program you make
it start. </description>

cu, danny.

> I'm actually looking to automatically unmount a couple of partitions
> when I'm away from the keyboard.  Specificly, my zip drive which has
> an encrypted partition upon which my gnupg, ssh, etc keys are stored.
> I figure that even if someone snags the zip disk while I'm gone, since
> the disk's partition is encoded with AES128 bit encryption, they
> should be fairly safe and removing the disk or unmounting it will also
> make any email or documents I have saved immediately unaccessable.
> I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.
> Ideas on how I might implement this?  I'm lost.

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