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Re: You've Been Removed!

On Thursday 18 July 2002 19:22, Italyminutes wrote:

Hi there,

> This message is to confirm the removal of your
> email address: debian-security@lists.debian.org from the
> Italyminutes
> Subscribe Me mailing list.
> We're sorry to see you go!
> If you feel you have received this notice in error,
> please visit the Italyminutes
> Subscribe Me mailing list
> at our website:
> http://www.bluebanner.net
> to add yourself automatically, or click on the link
> below to automatically re-subscribe yourself:
> http://www.bluebanner.net/cgi-lib/admail/s.cgi?a=1&l=9&e=debian-security=:l
> Thank you,
> Italyminutes

Could ANYONE please stop this shit? Thanks!

Kind regards
        Marc-Christian Petersen


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