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Re: What is mean ...

Marcin Bednarz <mbednarz@student.uci.agh.edu.pl> writes:
> .... named[18864]: ns_resp: query(toolbar.gtoolbar.netscape.com) All possible A RR's lame
> Sometimes this is very frequent. Is it somenting wrong in security or
> named is not properly configured ?
> What is means ?

It means that Netscape has misconfigured some of their nameservers.

A "lame" DNS server is one that's supposed to have definitive
information about (i.e., be "authoritative for") a domain but doesn't.
In this case, "named" discovered, while resolving the host name
"toolbar.gtoolbar.netscape.com", that *EVERY* host that was supposed
to be authoritative for the domain "gtoolbar.netscape.com" wasn't.

This new-fangled InterWeb is *full* of people who can't run their name
servers properly, so these errors are pretty common.  If you don't
want to see these error messages, you should be able to add a clause

        logging {
                category lame-servers { null; };

to your "named.conf" file.  The format might be different for you
version of BIND, so look it up first.

>From a security point of view, these errors probably aren't
significant.  Theoretically, they could indicate that something fishy
was going on with a particular domain's name servers, but in practice
many, many "legitimate" servers have this type of misconfiguration.

Kevin Buhr <buhr@telus.net>

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