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Re: [d-security] script for security update notification

Finally someone asking about what I'm having in mind since i'm using Woody...:) - namely a helper app that allows you to 1. let your production machines run without having to do risky upgrades just to be sure that you won't miss security updates. 2. favourably also check the current unstable changelogs so that you will not be "burned" because of the ~2 week delay in woody.

At 15:11 Uhr -0400 24.05.2002, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
I wrote a program to extract changelogs from source packages and place them
in a relational database, and a CGI program to fetch changelogs for an
arbitrary range of versions, but it would have to be run automatically from
katie or such to be useful, and I got no response to inquiries about that.

Would the idea be to then provide those entries on a central public server? That would sound cool. What do you mean with 'would have to be run from katie'?


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