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Re: LDAP and TLS in woody

jogi hofmueller <jogi@mur.at> writes:

> searched all the archives without success, so i am asking here:
> i am starting to set up a centryl LDAP server for various authentication
> purposes. now i would of course like to have the thing using TLS ... and
> found out that slapd in woody (don't know about other versions) does not
> support TLS by default. now, what would i have to do, to get things
> going? is compiling slapd the only way?

	Either wait for a version in sid that does SSL, or recompile
        after changing debian/rules line --without-tls to --with-tls.

        You probably want to tell the daemon to listen to both SSL and
        non-SSL. In /etc/init.d/slapd, do something like

start() {
        echo -n "Starting OpenLDAP: slapd"
        start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --pidfile "$pf" --exec /usr/sbin/slapd \
                -- -h 'ldap:/// ldaps:///'

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