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Re: Secure/hardened/minimal Debian (or "Why is the base system the way it is?")

No, I don't believe (IIRC) it can send to root on the system it runs on
-- ssmtp is just a set of programs to forward all outgoing mail to the
smarthost.  From the README:

 This is sSMTP, a program that replaces sendmail on workstations that should
 send their mail via the departmental mailhub from which they pick up their
 mail (via pop, imap, rsmtp, pop_fetch, NFS... or the like).  This program
 accepts mail and sends it to the mailhub, optionally replacing the domain in
 the From: line with a different one.

 WARNING: the above is all it does. It does not receive mail, expand aliases
 or manage a queue.  That belongs on a mailhub with a system administrator.
 The man page (ssmtp.8) and the program logic manual (ssmtp_plm) discuss the
 limitations in more detail.

 It uses a minimum of external configuration information, and so can be
 installed by copying the (right!) binary and an optional four-line config
 file to a given machine.

On Mon, 2002-05-20 at 01:22, Andrew Pollock wrote:
> If that's anything like nullmailer, that means I can't send mail to root locally
> does it not?
> The environment I'm in has a smarthost, but it's generally for getting mail out
> of the network, direct inbound SMTP isn't there, so the smarthost can't send it
> elsewhere internally.

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