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Re: CNAME, iptables and qmail

* Michal Melewski (mike@pn66.poznan.sdi.tpnet.pl) [020506 15:02]:
> On Mon, May 06, 2002 at 01:47:54PM -0700, Vineet Kumar wrote:
> > This setup will work fine most of the time, but mysteriously fail when
> > replies to your DNS queries are long. Your resolver tries to ask udp/53,
> > but will need to connect to tcp/53 if the result is longer than can fit
> > in a single udp packet.
> Yes, but in my case disallowing tcp/53 is (or rather would be) another layer
> of security ; preventing zone transfers. I have never had any problems with
> long answers...

Good; just wanted to make sure you (and others) were aware of it. It's
good to keep in mind in case you start to experience strange problems
with DNS.

> But the simple rule is to give the simpliest answers :)

Very true.

> > good times,
> > Vineet
> ps. and i'm very unhappy because of lack of -C options in iptables (people
> who have any experience with ipchains know what i mean).

Yeah, I missed it, too. With iptables, I just look more closely at my
logs to determine if it's doing the right thing.

good times,

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