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Re: CNAME, iptables and qmail

On Mon, May 06, 2002 at 01:47:54PM -0700, Vineet Kumar wrote:
> This setup will work fine most of the time, but mysteriously fail when
> replies to your DNS queries are long. Your resolver tries to ask udp/53,
> but will need to connect to tcp/53 if the result is longer than can fit
> in a single udp packet.
Yes, but in my case disallowing tcp/53 is (or rather would be) another layer
of security ; preventing zone transfers. I have never had any problems with
long answers...

> iptables -A INPUT -j ACCEPT \
> 	-m state --state ESTABLISHED \
> 	-p tcp -s $MY_NAMESERVER --sport 53 -d $MY_EXT_IP
> iptables -A OUTPUT -j ACCEPT \
> 	-p tcp -d $MY_EXT_IP --dport 53 -d $MY_NAMESERVER
> ... but that's just me. Also, I'm already using connection tracking for
> NAT anyway.
Yes, i think it's much better way, but i still don't have time to make my
firewall more sophisticated :)
But the simple rule is to give the simpliest answers :)

> good times,
> Vineet

ps. and i'm very unhappy because of lack of -C options in iptables (people
who have any experience with ipchains know what i mean).
Do you know any good ways to test your firewall? I mean do you people have
some scripts to hping , or any other tools, which can be helpful?

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