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RE APT-GET Problems

Howdy all,
  As you all recall I posted a few days ago with the problem that my 486 machine would not do APT-GET INSTALL/UPGRADE/etc.  Well, someone had replied with the idea to check how the nfs directoty was exported from the server.  It didn't really twig on me until just now that I had mounted the dir from the 486 with niether RO nor RW.  I put in RW and when that didn't work, I tried RO.  After clearing a couple of other error messages I was having, it now works again.  I just have to remember to update/upgrade the server first, then the workstation.
  Anyway, I realize the Debian Security list was probably not quite the right forum to have posted this in, but it was the one I was receiving emails in, so I figured what the heck.  And I'd like to give many thanks to those who responded.  There were some good ideas here, and I appreciated that.
Once again, thanks to all!!
Mike Shepherd (AKA: The Sheepster)  Ham: VE7PRT
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