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Re: PPTP with Encryption

30.04.02 pisze Derek J. Balling (dredd@megacity.org):

> Except that that patch is against 2.4.0
> There's a lot of "disjointed pieces", and not all of them seem to be 
> maintained or kept current:
>     o  pptpd - which seems to (now) not require any special effort
>     o  pppd needs to be patched or include support for mppe
>     o  kernel needs to be patched or include support for mppe
> And that very "chaos" is what led me to ask if anyone has more 
> current info on how to make this work?  ;-)
	You have just wrote how, just do/run it in reverse order ;-)
	Patches are currently at http://planetmirror.com/pub/mppe/
	I have patched 2.4.18 with a patch for 2.4.0 (building ppp-related
things as modules), then did pppd 2.4.1 with its openssl and MSCHAPv2
patch, and finally ran pptpd with proper options. It seems to work
(or I am missing something:), tried with W98 (compression end encryption
enabled) as well as W2000 (default settings - require data encryption,
disconnect if none).
	I think one could patch pppd to read encrypted passwords from
chap-secrets file... Not me, though ;)


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