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Pam_chroot not available for Debian

Ok guys, I promised back in october (after a thread regarding chrooting
users that I started) to take a look at PAM_chroot (currently provided by
RedHat's Linux-PAM). I was up til 4 am yesterday and finally made it:

libpam-chroot-0.6-1_i386.deb -> available at

I'm sending the signed packages over to master right now. I have included
some documentation in the README.Debian file as well as a (tested) example
on how to setup pam_chroot for "login". I have been unable to do this for
other programs (like ssh which I tried to stracing it but didn't seem to
find what file the daemon was lacking, for ssh and chroot in any case see
Bug #139047).

For those interetes in knowing more (which were not around that date)
take a look at the original thread (starting with.

	Best regards


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