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Re: webhosting

On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 10:59:20PM +0100, Robert van der Meulen wrote:
> Quoting Jerry Lynde (jlynde@diligence.com):
> > At 12:15 PM 2/25/2002, Robert wrote:


> > I just wouldn't suggest anyone use BIND is the same sense that I wouldn't 
> > suggest they
> > ride a Harley naked on snow-packed icy roads... something bad's bound to 
> > happen...
> I'm still under the impression that it's quite possible to do a reasonably
> secure bind install. Bind9 has some nice security-related features, and a
> completely rewritten codebase (as opposed to bind8). I'm not sure what
> insecurities you'd impose upon yourself by installing it..
You forgot to mention that you can chroot bind since a 8.x release. 
The chroot is not the non plus ultra solution but it throws a few more stones
in the way of the script kiddies.

Anyway it looks like the normal flamewars like
sendmail vs. *your alternativ MTA here* :)


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