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Re: Exim Relay

> > When nessus gives a report and says
> > "The remote SMTP server allows the relaying. This means that 
> > it allows spammers to use your mail server to send their mails to
> > the world, thus wasting your network bandwidth.

I ran this test at the same time on one of my servers wich exim was
newly configured to relay for a few well known hosts.
Nessusd is installed on one of these hosts.

So nessus claims that this SMTP server allows the relaying.
But we know that this does not allow spammers to use this mail server.

Further, if modify exim.conf so it does not accept relay for the host
running nessud but does for the few others, nessus stops claiming.
But exim is still accepting relay in the same way as in the first

This test is not enought accurate, but it just points a potential hole.


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