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Re: Mailserver HDD organization

hi all,

i have one question. I am going to start a security companie. I know, every person must choose its own mailserver
software. I have tryed out qmail, exim and a little bit postfix. Qmail seams
to be very secure and very fast. The configuration i think is to difficult
vor every System. Now my choice is exim. Exim works fine and the
configuration is simple. Now my question:

why schould i not use exim for my customers? 

Is it insecure? (i have read the mailinglists and there is nothing i have heard about)

das exim not handle a big mail site like 1000 users?

thx for your help.


On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 11:15:49PM +0100, Volker Tanger wrote:
> Greetings!
> On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 07:06:37AM +0100, eim wrote:
> > 
> > I was thinking about a partition for /, one for boot, one for
> > /var/spool/mail and some other important system parts.
> As you want to use exim and mailing list, you will want to have a
> partition for /var or /var/spool instead of /var/spool/mail as the
> exim outgoing queue is at /var/spool/exim. OTOH the logs are at
> /var/logs - so in short form
> /var/spool/mail
> 	- only the user mailboxes
> /var/spool
> 	- user mailboxes  		/var/spool/mail
> 	- exim outgoing queue		/var/spool/exim
> /var
> 	- user mailboxes  		/var/spool/mail
> 	- exim outgoing queue		/var/spool/exim
> 	- exim logfiles			/var/log/exim
> Thus I'd recommend to use a separate partition for the complete /var
> tree. So I usually partition for mailservers and similar
> 	/dev/sda1	(swap)		1 GB
> 	/dev/sda2	/		2 GB
> 	/dev/sda3	/var		15 GB (i.e. all remaining)
> and maybe	
> 	/dev/sda4	/tmp		512 MB
> > Has anyone real-life examples of running mailservers,
> > maybe some HDD organization infos, MTA infos and other
> > importante related know-how to run a secure and stable
> > mailserver on my network.
> Install on on a clean, minimized system. Just base (including exim),
> ssh (for admin) and maybe pop or imap. Webserver only for webmail.
> No workstation tools or other playthings. Especially no user working
> on that server (no local login), no fileservices (neither NFS nor
> SAMBA), no FTP (uploads). Concentrate on the function - here: mail.
> Keep an eye on safe configuration. Especially make damn sure that you
> don't end up as open relay (i.e. properly configured anti-spoofing).
> If you want filtering, look at the exim contrib directory, there for a
> file called system_filter.exim
> Have fun!
> 	Volker
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