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enforcing strong passwords

libpam-cracklib is nice, but how do i get PAM to enforce at least one
upper case letter, and at least on of {symbol,digit}?

also, are there any PAM programmer cracks here? i have a program here
[1] that registers with PAM as the passwd service, but since it runs as
root, it ignore libpam-cracklib. i wouldn't mind adding that support,
but i am a PAM-newbie and don't know how to obtain the message that the
e.g. passwd binary gives when a password failed cracklib:

  New UNIX password: 
  BAD PASSWORD: it is based on a dictionary word

running passwd as root causes the warning to be displayed, but PAM still
succeeds (obviously). i want it to fail even for root, or i want at
least access to that message. and the passwd sources are really

  1. http://ceti.pl/~kravietz/progs/poppassd-1.8-ceti.tar.gz

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