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Re: Exim mail Problem

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 06:47:59PM -0600, Daniel J. Rychlik wrote:
> Dear Debian Guruz,
> My debian server is acting funny.  I did some searching around and greped for anomolies in my log files.  I have noticed that exim mail is showing a message frozen in the mainlog file.
> 2002-01-17 18:38:02 16L9VL -0001OX-00 Message is frozen
> End queue run: pid=17620
> Im seeing this same message execpt that the neat looking identifiers after the timestamp change slightly.  There is about 50 diffrent identifiers or so in the main log.  The problem im seeing is exim mail chewing up resources and not letting anything else play, like apache. ;o)
> Any ideas?  Or how do I stop this from happening?
> Thanks in advance,
> Daniel J. Rychlik

It usally means, that exim is not able to deliver the message.

By running 

exim -bp 

you see the delivery status of the messages queue. You can run try
flushing the queue manually by 

exim -d 10 -M <message identifier>

You get heaps of output which you can look through to get some clue at
what is getting wrong. You also need to work through the exim manuals to
understand the output. It may be cumbersome but is worth the effort.


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