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Re: Secure 2.4.x kernel


Gary MacDougall wrote:
> Actually your point of view basically states that its "ok" for anyone to
> tresspass.

no, i just said, that laws can´t help against unknown people.
until now nobody broke in my house, and i think because of two facts:

- i always keep my doors and windows closed (when i am not at home)
- there are laws, which forbit tresspass

both points are important or why do you think nearly all people have
closed doors at home?

> I see you point, do you see mine?

i see your point, but why are banks paying security people to stay the
whole day in the bank, why do they really spend a lot of money to
security, althought there are laws, that say, that nobody is allowed to
steel the money from banks?

the "attacker" from 11th September even lost their live, do you really
think, those people care about laws?

well, if you want to discuss on this anymore, i would like to do it
outside the list, because i think we are going offtopic.


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