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Re: Secure 2.4.x kernel

Actually your point of view basically states that its "ok" for anyone to

In the US, we have laws against such activity. People are *not* allowed to
the law, regardless of how stupid the victim is.

Law's were created to protect. Regardless of the type of crime or injustice.

Just because people are "dumb" or not as fortunate as other more "privy"
doesn't mean that the law should bypass the "unfortunate".  The law (at
least in the US) were
specifically created to protect people in such circumstances.  Why should
law be any different?

I see you point, do you see mine?


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A major point concerning "laws" is that they prevent nothing. Laws against
murder have been around since the idea of "laws" was invented, yet murder
still happens. Sometimes in new and spectacular ways.

Individual security, be it physical or logical, must be considered an
individual responsibility. Each server, each PC, each system must have its
own security addressed not in a standard "legislated" pattern, but with the
unique attributes of that specific system in mind.

At the very least, turning off all "services" that are not specifically and
deliberately turned on is the first step.


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> Hi,
> Gary MacDougall wrote:
> >
> > Hmmm... Mom has a good point.
> >
> > I think the bottom line is that we'll never have 100% security until
> > there are laws that protect the break-in's and hacking that occurs.
> > Still laws... not crappy little wrist slapping type laws.
> laws can´t do anything against unknown people.
> i think there is no way to find a hacker if he really doesn´
> t want to.
> btw, with that argumentation you are saying "come on, delete alle
> securitymailinglists and let us ask for better laws, don´t close your
> windows, when you are leaving your home , don´t close the doors".
> and that´s the totally wrong way (at least today).
> bye
> Ralf

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