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Re: Exim mail

"Daniel Rychlik" <daniel@rychlik.ws> writes:

> How do I stop this from happening.  Apparently my bud telented to port 25
> and somehow sent mail from my root account.  Any suggestions, white papers
> or links?  Id would like to block the telnet application all together, but I
> dont think thats possible.

I may be wrong, but from your email headers, it looks like you are
mailing from a computer connected via dsl.  Are you running an smtp
server for yourself (i.e., internal mail, getting mail from external
source and sending via an exim smarthost) or are you actually supposed
to be relaying mail for other machines?

I am connected with DSL and retrieve mail from three different
sources.  I run fetchmail to get it and exim to send it out.  Exim is
configured to send mail for the localhost only and it passes it all
out to my smarthost.  Also, ipchains blocks all smtp traffic, except
from the smarthost.  And finally, I have telenetd running from
xinetd.conf, but it is bound to my internal NIC, so there isn't an
open telnet port on the internet.  Maybe a configuration like this
would work for you?


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