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Re: Exim mail

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From: "Brian P. Flaherty" <bxf4@psu.edu>
To: <debian-security@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2001 8:41 AM
Subject: Re: Exim mail

> "Daniel Rychlik" <daniel@rychlik.ws> writes:
> > How do I stop this from happening.  Apparently my bud telented to port
> > and somehow sent mail from my root account.  Any suggestions, white
> > or links?  Id would like to block the telnet application all together,
but I
> > dont think thats possible.
> I may be wrong, but from your email headers, it looks like you are
> mailing from a computer connected via dsl.  Are you running an smtp
> server for yourself (i.e., internal mail, getting mail from external
> source and sending via an exim smarthost) or are you actually supposed
> to be relaying mail for other machines?

Yes, im running a smtp server along with pop3.  I wanted to host my own
domain, email, and whatever else.  .  My debian machine is running NAT and
is a firewall for my internal machines.  Im learning the basics of security
and want to make it as secure as possible.   I dont have extra hardware
lying around so my debian server is also running apache.  My wife likes
building webpages and such so I thought, cool why not...

> I am connected with DSL and retrieve mail from three different
> sources.  I run fetchmail to get it and exim to send it out.  Exim is
> configured to send mail for the localhost only and it passes it all
> out to my smarthost.  Also, ipchains blocks all smtp traffic, except
> from the smarthost.  And finally, I have telenetd running from
> xinetd.conf, but it is bound to my internal NIC, so there isn't an
> open telnet port on the internet.  Maybe a configuration like this
> would work for you?
No telnet or ftp traffic for me, only 22,25, and 80...

> Brian
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