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Re: shutdown user and accountability

Carel Fellinger wrote:

On Thu, Nov 29, 2001 at 10:37:24AM +0000, Niall Walsh wrote:

I can't resist it!

me too:)

Add a usb digital camera to the box and only allow people who are not

I've thought of this too, but rejected it because it's soooo easy to
circumvent, just place your hand in front of the camera.

Not if they don't know where it is or even that it exists :-) I'd be sneeking it into the case perhaps so it looks out a drive bay or else building it into something. Also you could use a capture card hooked up to a pin hole camera and for completeness (but system performance thrashing) use motion detection to make sure you get them before they get the hand in place!

Seriously crazy, but what else can you do if you really want to supply anyone with the ability to shut it down AND know who did it! Maybe put the password with the security guard so he can record who took the passwd to reset it (obviously you need to reset the password then etc.)


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