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Re: Question about BugTraq and Debian-Security Mailing Lists

mercoledì 24 ottobre 2001, alle 19:58, eim:
: Actually I'm subscribed to the famous bugtraq Mailing List
: and of course the Debian Security Mailing List.
: Bugtraq is a 'high volume' Mailing List which forwards to me
: many important mails about security in General and not only 
: Debian Specific
: Because I really work only with Debian GNU/Linux as Linux Distribution
: many informations on Bugtraq, like SUN, MS Windows, MacOS, etc related
: Mails are not really important for me but I spend anyway bandwith for
: recieving them, I pay every 'single byte' on my connection.
: My question is: Is it convenient to subscirbe _only_ to the Debian
: Security Mailing List keeping in mind only security related to this
: Distribution and Server Platform, or are there maybe some 'important'
: informations on BugTraq which maybe will never be posted on the Debian
: Security List ? 
Dear Evo,
	I was subscribed to Buqtraq but I think it is not so usefull if
you use only Debian (as I do). When I was repsonsible for the security
of a mostly Windows NT based network I need Buqtraq. I think it is
better to invest you time in reading security programming mailing-list
(cannot remember the correct address) or security and firewall mailing
lists where you can find general exploit advice. Look at security Focus
web site.


Stefano Canepa e-mail: sc@linux.it

To follow the path: look at the master, follow the master, walk with the
master, see trough the master, become the master.

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