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Re: Question about BugTraq and Debian-Security Mailing Lists

On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, eim wrote:
> My question is: Is it convenient to subscirbe _only_ to the Debian
> Security Mailing List keeping in mind only security related to this
> Distribution and Server Platform, or are there maybe some 'important'
> informations on BugTraq which maybe will never be posted on the Debian
> Security List ? 

It has happened in the past that important information from bugtrack was
never relayed to d-security, even if they did concern Debian.

> For now I think many Debian Developers and Users read everyday BugTraq,
> too, and may see if there are common problems which could affect
> also Debian Security, and post them in a second time here.

That has also happened in the past :-) and I think it is a very good idea.
However, only _verified_ hazards should be relayed here, if at all possible.

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