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Re: Question about BugTraq and Debian-Security Mailing Lists

Hello eim,

Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 7:58:15 PM, you wrote:

e> Actually I'm subscribed to the famous bugtraq Mailing List
e> and of course the Debian Security Mailing List.

i dont think that buqtraq bugtraq@securityfocus.com ... i understand
you refer that make a high volume, i recieve 9 mail at day normaly, in
buqtracq sais bugs that can affect your debian like de php-nuke if you
have it (there were a bug which you can do all)
decide you but have the bugtraq which you have some bugs of all kind
of systems, and you can only read the bugs that you want is ok ;)

e> Bugtraq is a 'high volume' Mailing List which forwards to me
e> many important mails about security in General and not only 
e> Debian Specific

e> Because I really work only with Debian GNU/Linux as Linux Distribution
e> many informations on Bugtraq, like SUN, MS Windows, MacOS, etc related
e> Mails are not really important for me but I spend anyway bandwith for
e> recieving them, I pay every 'single byte' on my connection.

e> My question is: Is it convenient to subscirbe _only_ to the Debian
e> Security Mailing List keeping in mind only security related to this
e> Distribution and Server Platform, or are there maybe some 'important'
e> informations on BugTraq which maybe will never be posted on the Debian
e> Security List ? 

e> For now I think many Debian Developers and Users read everyday BugTraq,
e> too, and may see if there are common problems which could affect
e> also Debian Security, and post them in a second time here.

e> I hope my ideas are right and thanks for any suggestions...

e> Have fun,
e> Ivo Marino

Best regards,
 victor                            mailto:ixnay@infonegocio.com

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