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I'd like to thank everybody for their answers.

Now I understand what it is all about and why do people send such


Nugzar Nebieridze

Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 10:08:38, Bryan Andersen wrote:

BA> Nugzar Nebieridze wrote:
>> Sorry for off-topic, but I'm curious, WHY do people write such
>> messages? WHAT do they need? My account information?

BA> They are running a scam.  The idea is to get you to fork 
BA> over smaller sums of money[1] to "get" the transaction to 
BA> happen.  When in reality they are pocketing the sums you 
BA> fork over.  Other ones try to get you to give them access 
BA> to your account so they can drain it.  Some combine the 
BA> two.  Some have other things they try to do.

BA> My responce to them is to report the suckers to any ISP 
BA> or email service they are using, and also email the open 
BA> relay they sent the messages through.  Basically cut off 
BA> their links.  If they only give phone number or fax numbers 
BA> I report them to the FBI so they can have that number 
BA> cutoff at the international exchanges.

BA> In a couple of african countries scams like this are not 
BA> illegal if the victims are outside the country.

BA> [1] like $1000-$5000 or whatever they think you will bear.

BA> Links:
BA> http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/news/nr-01-11.htm
BA> http://www.msp.state.mi.us/news/0389.pdf
BA> http://www.state.ct.us/dob/pages/419scams.htm

BA> Search under "Nigeria FBI scam" for more information.

>> Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 7:03:06, Hubert Chan wrote:
>> >>>>>> "Dansuki" == Dansuki Ahmed <dansu_ahmed2002@yahoo.com> writes:
>> HC> [...]
>> Dansuki>> I am prepared to invest 20m pounds sterling in your company if
>> HC>                                  ^^^
>> HC> [...]
>> HC> Woohoo!  20 milli-pounds!  I'll be rich!
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