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Nugzar Nebieridze wrote:
> Sorry for off-topic, but I'm curious, WHY do people write such
> messages? WHAT do they need? My account information?

They are running a scam.  The idea is to get you to fork 
over smaller sums of money[1] to "get" the transaction to 
happen.  When in reality they are pocketing the sums you 
fork over.  Other ones try to get you to give them access 
to your account so they can drain it.  Some combine the 
two.  Some have other things they try to do.

My responce to them is to report the suckers to any ISP 
or email service they are using, and also email the open 
relay they sent the messages through.  Basically cut off 
their links.  If they only give phone number or fax numbers 
I report them to the FBI so they can have that number 
cutoff at the international exchanges.

In a couple of african countries scams like this are not 
illegal if the victims are outside the country.

[1] like $1000-$5000 or whatever they think you will bear.


Search under "Nigeria FBI scam" for more information.

> Wednesday, October 17, 2001, 7:03:06, Hubert Chan wrote:
> >>>>>> "Dansuki" == Dansuki Ahmed <dansu_ahmed2002@yahoo.com> writes:
> HC> [...]
> Dansuki>> I am prepared to invest 20m pounds sterling in your company if
> HC>                                  ^^^
> HC> [...]
> HC> Woohoo!  20 milli-pounds!  I'll be rich!
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