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I am a Colonel and presently in  Kuwait as a military
attaché, I got your contact through your country's
chamber of commerce.

I urgently want to move the sum of  Forty Million
Pounds Sterling (40,000,000.00 pounds) from a company
in London that bought crude oil from my mentor
(godfather). The above sum is my own share from the
business for my assistance. I am prepared to invest
20m pounds sterling in your company if you would
accept my offer for a partnership venture and I will
give you the sum of 8million pounds sterling for all
your assistance.

However, I am making this contact with you as a result
of constant reminder sent to me last week by the
secretary to the London firm. Informing me of the
urgent need to move my money to enable the company
balance their account with my mentor for more
importation of crude oil. Because of this reminder I
quickly made arragement with a security company in
London where I have now deposited the money in trunk
boxes awaiting my instructions on how best to move the
money through International Diplomatic services (IDS).

Frankly, this is my first time of making money as big
as this, and I am afraid to move such amount of money
into my personal account because I am a civil servant
and occupying a very sensitive position. I will not
want my mentor to see me as not capable of handling
such a large sum. I strongly believe that this is a
contineous business. 

If you accept the above conditions, please contact me
immediately for us to arrange things on how best we
can move the money from London to your care for
possible investments as stated.

On receipt of your letter of acceptance, I will
immediately send to you by fax a test of temporary
partnership agreement to sign and return same by fax
or e-mail as attachment. Immediately this is done I
will instruct you on the
next step to move the money from the company in London
as I have no time left to move out the money, and this
operation will last for four(4) days after agreement
have been aspected and signed by both party. In the
light of the
above subject matter, please include your tel/fax and
mobile numbers. 

Please treat most urgently as I look forward to do
business with you.

Best regards,

joseph_thomas15@altavista.com WHO IS MY JUNIOR BROTHER
or dansu_ahmed2001@onebox.com.

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