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Re: Security Update - more updates??

hi all

> Scott Henson wrote:http
> >Can any one point me to the best books, how-to's, articles, scripts, etc. on
> >hardening debian and making it really secure, but still easy to use?  I was
> >looking on the debian site and I saw a security how-to, but for some reason
> >it would not let me access it.  It said i didnt have permision to view it.

the debian security howto


> A few good tips on this site:
> http://wwwcmc.pharm.uu.nl/gillies/debian/

i'd add -d1  ( turn on dma mode ) for disks ...
do the tests before and after to see the (big) difference in performance

	hdparam -tT /dev/hda

> A few more security tips: 
> http://tinyplanet.ca/pubs/debian/html/c206.html

i couldnt get to it :-(

> This is a good security site, I think some guy on this lists manages it. 
> http://www.linux-sec.net/

seems that coming thru level3, uunet, pacbell works fine...
but when passing thru verio ( in san jose area)  .. i cant reach
linux-sec.net.. ( wierd problem )
 	( i think there's some whacky filtering going on ???
	( at least level3 security/tech support folks can get thru
	( so it probably not them

> This is the link that I have for the Securing Debian HOW-TO, it appears 
> to be down too
> http://joker.rhwd.de/doc/Securing-Debian-HOWTO/Securing-Debian-HOWTO.htm

you need to change from *.htm  to *.html

> You can also download an exaple Debian IPtables script from:
> http://www.debiandiary.f2s.com/files/iptables.sh

c ya

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