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Re: What about doing security updates automatically?

On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 12:38:43AM +0100, Christian Jaeger wrote:
> I (or I'd be sure my fellow sysadmin) would appreciate a bit more 
> automation. Maybe really the best thing would be to prepare 
> everything needed for an upgrade (i.e. receive the security 
> announcement, parse it, see if it concerns an installed package on 
> the system, if yes fetch it and compare the checksum, and inform the 
> admin. The latter then only has to login, finish the install and 
> check if anything is broken. (And maybe if he doesn't react within a 
> day install it automatically anyway...)

	Currently, the patched "tiger" (an old Unix security tool)
available in Debian does check installed packages versus Debian released
advisories (parsed automatically from the WML sources). 



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