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Re: What about doing security updates automatically?

On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 12:38:43AM +0100, Christian Jaeger wrote:
> At 23:11 Uhr +0200 31.8.2001, Samu wrote:
> ><IMHO>
> > i don't understand why it's difficult to type everyday, as the first
> >thing
> >
> >apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
> >
> >on to a shell and then watch what happen.
> How are you sure you really get the stuff from debian?

well it's a tcp connection, done it on to an internal debian mirror.
yes there are ways to fake pkgs ( like happen to slackware in the past )
but .deb will support soon key signing so .... 
> I (or I'd be sure my fellow sysadmin) would appreciate a bit more 
> automation. Maybe really the best thing would be to prepare 
> everything needed for an upgrade (i.e. receive the security 
> announcement, parse it, see if it concerns an installed package on 
> the system, if yes fetch it and compare the checksum, and inform the 
> admin. The latter then only has to login, finish the install and 
> check if anything is broken. (And maybe if he doesn't react within a 
> day install it automatically anyway...)

if so, sorry i mistake your first post


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