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On 1 Sep 2001, Tim Haynes wrote:

> Tomasz Rola <rtomek@cis.com.pl> writes:
> > 2. Somebody subscribed Mr. Layne to this list which was meant as a joke. 
> > In this case, it could be a bad joke of subscribing him to much more
> > lists and this means that he may get hundreds or thousands letters a day. 
> > Not nice. Seems that somebody really dislikes him, if that's the case. 
> > His reaction suggests that he doesn't really know too much about
> > Internet, a casual email user. He got angry and he blames us for sending
> > him all those emails.
> If that were the case I would expect him to send a single polite email to
> the list manager explaining the situation, not to mouth off at the whole
> list/s. The attitude does come into play here - his sucks, and is serving
> him no good except to raise a bit of bile here.

I think that yes and no. I don't meet too many casual users nowadays and I
can't model their thinking process (and hence understand them) but some
time ago I have observed they can be easily annoyed and tend to overreact.
Newbie syndrome.

Of course I don't want to defend him. Myself, I would rather opt for self
control. This, however, requires some mental powers and is difficult to
achieve (I know this and I know I don't have it which means that the task
is non trivial).

- From his other posts it comes out that he's only subscribed here, so he
gets mere 50-100 or less a day. So you may be right with 70%  probability,
but I have seen people going crazy because of 1 spam (not here, not here).
They probably think one spam/day less could save them $0.0001 and after 10
years they will use this saving to have a free newspaper. Well, if they
really enjoy this, why not?

> Bingo.


BTW, hi folks. :-). Now, I will shut up again. There is not much sense in


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