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Re: #### ###

On 1 Sep 2001, Tim Haynes wrote:

> > 1. It (not he, not she, just it) is a troll. It enjoys doing things like
> > this and harrasing good people.

I think no matter why this guy is on the list, against all policy of
trying to educate users, he should be removed by the listowner manually.

Next, and I think someone already did that, someone should send all his
offending messages to his ISP and suggest the cancellation of his account
and ask for further assistance in prosecution.

Finally, based on his location, one should even think about legal action
if anyone has got the time to report this to authorities. I think here in
Austria it would be far enough to sue him for his insulting language,
directly addressed towards other people publicly.

BTW, what will happen with all the dirty language that will appear in the
ML archive? It could happen that the ML archive is considered
inappropriate for minors or even illegal...

I hate to waste time because of people who don't know how to behave, but
unfortunately we have to solve the problems arising...



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