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Re: shared root account

On 06-Jul-01, 05:34 (CDT), Patrice Neff <mailinglists@patrice.ch> wrote: 
> What you want to accomplish might be possible with sudo. Install sudo
> and thenn add the following line to the configuration
> file. (/etc/sudoers on my machine)
>         <yourusername> ALL=(ALL) ALL
> this will allow you to execute any command you want with
>         sudo <command>
> but you still don't have to know the root password. The password
> you're providing when executing sudo is yours.

Let me add another vote for using sudo. Additional advantages are that
one can limit what the sudoer can do, and that it logs (or can be set
to log) all issued commands. (Except that if you allow 'sudo bash' or
some variation, it won't log the session, just that bash started, of
course.). But at least you'll have some audit trail.


Steve Greenland <stevegr@debian.org>
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