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Re: rlinetd security

Ted Cabeen wrote:

> In other news, the maintainer of netbase is against removing the netbase 
> dependency on netkit-inetd, but I can't really seem to tell why.  I've looked 
> at his posts on debian-devel and in the BTS, but I haven't found a good 
> justification for the dependency yet.  If anyone does know Anthony's reasons, 
> I'd like to hear them.

I thought about asking why a few months ago, but after reading his responses
in the BTS I decided I'd save my breath.  There is no good reason afaik,
and I'd even go out on a limb and say there is no good reason *period* as
I've been running several machines without a working inetd for a year or so
now, simply don't have the need for it on most workstations in my situation.

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