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Re[2]: Logging practices (and why does it suck in Debian?)

But what about when bob wants to run unstable glibc(2.2.2) and jimmy
likes stable glibc(2.1.3)?  There'd have to be stable/unstable/blah
packages for every major version of glibc which I suppose isnt that
many but it'd add up.  I could be totally off base though.

Kevin  -  cog@iwz.com


>>  Ah, sorry.  bigfoot is running unstable, actually.  Some of my other
>>machines run testing, but I've got the unstable package repository in my
>>sources.list (and Default-Release "testing"; in /etc/apt/apt.conf, so
>>unstable doesn't get used by default, but I can install packages from it.
>>see apt-preferences(8).  I just found this feature in apt a couple weeks
>>ago, and I love it. :)

> slightly off topic but..
> I always found this aspect of debian a little puzzling. Debian to me is a 
> collection of packages. It makes sense that some of these packages would be 
> "stable" and others would be experimental but it never made sense to me 
> that just because you subscribe to stable you should be stuck with some 
> ancient version of apache, mozilla or whatever.

> Ideally the packages themselves should be labled stable, milestone, 
> snapshot (or something similar) and you ought to be able to subscribe to 
> packages themselves.  This way if you trust the authors of a package (say 
> postgres) then you could subscribe to postgres snapshot, but if you are not 
> so sure about mozzilla you could subscribe to mozilla milestone.

> Anyway back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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