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Re: Logging practices (and why does it suck in Debian?)

On Wednesday 11 April 2001 13:21, Giacomo Mulas wrote:
> I want a good signal to noise ratio and I want to know exactly where I
> should look to find a specific kind of log entry.

So a README to the "new" syslog.conf :)

> If you have grand plans, I have a suggestion for you: prepare a set of
> update-syslog scripts in debian style, which pick up pieces in a well
> defined directory and build syslog.conf from it. In this way, a new
> package that produces a specific kind of logs would just drop its own
> configlet in that directory, run update-syslog and voilà, syslog will put
> those logs in their new, dedicated file, very much like update-modules

I don't see how it would benefit from that - syslog has a specified set of 
"facilities" that you can log from, and that set can't be expanded. The only 
thing you'd gain from that would be the ability to add more duplicity in 
other files... Howver, had you been able to have custom facilities, then yes, 
that would have been how it should have done.

Having said that, is there any system loggin daemons which allow custom 

> However, even if you do not have such grand plans, even just an improved
> syslog.conf would be very welcome :^)

Neato. That's 3 people in total who think it's a good idea.. :/


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