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Re: Debian or Linux 7???

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001 18:12:29 -0500 
Steve Rudd <srudd@bible.ca> wrote:

> Hi!  I am frustrated with the linux 2.2 kernel. I have had two
> hacks in 3 months and I am going broke rebuilding my server.

The odds are good that your being cracked had nothing to do with the
kernel version you were running.

> I went out and bought Redhat 7, and got hacked 6 weeks later.

Hardly surprising.

> So Debian is about twice as good as redhat, but that is not real
> reassuring.

You need to find out:

  a) How your systems were cracked.

  b) How you could have prevented that.

  c) How to harden a system.

  d) How to audit and monitor a system.

  e) How to actively maintain a secure system.

Choice of Linux distribution or kernel version really isn't going to
help you much there (minor exceptions)..

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